Orbit Polities:

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates
    • Silicates
    • Hydrocarbons (uncommon)
    • Metals
    • Fissiles
    • Extensive manufacturing and fabrication.
  • Limited assembly and building capabilities exist for Mars with many modules needing to be purchased from other sources (usually Earth).
    • The Free State of Mars is capable of some limited construction of drones and freighters.
    • The Mars Republic is capable of limited construction up to destroyers, and is experimenting with construction of its own dreadnoughts.

The Mars Republic


  • The Free State of Mars at the northern polar region broke away from the dominant corporate interest of Mars in what essentially began purely as a labor revolt. Since then, an ongoing civil war has been grinding on for years with no end in sight. The nature of the civil war consists of ground forces (often using tunnels) and drones; a proposed blockade of the Free State of Mars by the Mars Republic was blocked by a State counter-blockade allowing continued supply and trade between the Free State of Mars and other polities throughout the solar system.
  • Union supports the Mars Republic. State supports the Free State of Mars (and with State’s control of Phobos gives it a vital umbilical to the rest of the solar system). While neither Union nor State is willing to supply direct military aid, both skirt this by supplying manufactured materials and fabricated components to their respective allies.
  • Both the Mars Republic and the Free State of Mars are constantly pressuring their allies to provide more explicit support, and State, in fact, has provided occasional borderline warships in the form of frigates and drones, much to Union’s public protests.
  • The Sovereign Republic of Ganymede controls the Martian Trojan Belt, much to the irritation of the government of the Mars Republic. If it were not for the Martian Civil War, it is almost certain that Mars would be moving aggressively to reassert its claim on the Martian Trojan Belt.

The Free State of Mars

Special Notes:

  • The terraforming of Mars is an ongoing project that has been largely stalled due to the civil war raging between the Mars Republic and the Free State of Mars. It does continue, albeit with a skeleton crew and a perpetual state of under-funding that threatens to collapse the entire project.
  • Considerable trade in raw materials between Earth and Mars exists; Mars is a major source of raw materials for State, Union, and the Oceanic League. (The Eastern Federation fulfills most of its resource requirements from Mercury and the Asteroid Belt).