Orbit Regions:

Primary Industries:

  • Mixed industry and commercial activity. Heavy on manufacturing, some raw material categories very light due to overexploitation.
  • Carbonates
  • Silicates
  • Hydrocarbons (rare)
  • Metals (rare)
  • Fissiles (rare)
  • Extensive Manufacturing and Fabrication


  • The primary conflict on Earth is a state of cold war between the Eastern Federation and the Southern Bloc on the one hand and a coalition of State and the Oceanic League on the other. There is no open war at the moment - there are still enough weapons of mass destruction around to engender caution, but there is an enormous amount of diplomatic posturing, espionage, and war through proxy states on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system (there exist minor unaligned polities on Earth as well)
  • The Oceanic League and Union collaborate on economic and cultural matters, though not political or military, as State and Union are mutually distrustful of the other.
  • Earth polities are arrogant and condescending of other polities, particularly those of the Outer Worlds (though this last is not true of the Oceanic League which still retains close relations with several of the Outer Worlds).
  • Specifically, both State and the Eastern Federation are blatantly beholden to corporate interests, ruthless, arrogant and both quite ready to re-write, ignore or reinterpret international law to serve their own purpose. Union is better in this regard, and follows a policy of extending its influence through economic and cultural ties rather than political or military ties, but has a reputation of not consistently backing its allies when things turn ugly.


Special Notes:

  • Earth’s raw materials are in a state of catastrophic decline, but as a manufacturing, political and cultural center Earth remains a powerhouse that is unmatched anywhere in the solar system.
  • The center of power is shifting away from Earth, and wise voices see this and understand it, but Earth is still powerful enough to demand its due, even if that due is a fading thing. In practical terms, this means Earth politics dominate the Inner Worlds (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars), as well as the Asteroid Belt. The Outer Worlds are far enough away that contact and connections are by necessity more limited.
  • The Belt represents a de facto demarcation of Earth power; while Earth polities do engage in politics beyond the Belt, most such efforts are in the form of supporting regional polities rather than direct intervention, although Earth warships have been known to become involved in Jupiter and Saturn space on rare occasion.