Asteroid Belt

Orbit Polities:

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates
    • Silicates
    • Hydrocarbons (uncommon)
    • Metals
    • Fissiles (uncommon)
  • Limited manufacturing and fabrication.
  • Limited manufacturing, and no serious shipbuilding capabilities exist in the Belt


Special Notes:

  • The Belt is a tremendous source of resources supplying both Inner and Outer Worlds, though the instability and vast distances make it problematic to police and exploit. It is a favorite haunt of transnational orgs and separatist groups.
  • While the Outer Worlds in particular are rife with privateering, the Belt is special in that it sees not only extensive amounts of privateering activity, but genuine piracy as well. While pirates operate everywhere throughout the solar system, in the Belt they operate with a degree of openness that is brazen and bold up to and including openly known friendly harbors.