Art Diary #1 - The Faces of ORG

When we started work on ORG last year, one of the early questions was how to handle the art? In the case of ORG, we knew we were going to eventually want not merely dozens, but hundreds of character images to represent the myriad pilots, scientists, executives, zealots, explorers, activists, and soldiers of the solar system of centuries hence.

Illustrating each one of these would simply be impossibly expensive for a venture of this scale, so how would we do it?

What we finally settled on was a system of base character meshes that could combine with accessories and facial modifications to create a matrix of human facial possibilities to cover a generous gamut of human possibility.

Building it this way does have its disadvantages, the biggest being that it takes time without a lot of discrete final product to build those base meshes and accessories, but the end result means we will have the means to rapidly roll out high-quality, differentiated characters.

We've talked about agents before, those characters who serve as the hands of your org whom you slot into discrete tasks to carry out your ventures, whether those ventures be military raids, archaeological expeditions, or commercial exploitation.

The ultimate goal of which is to not only evoke the distant dystopian future of ORG, but to give the player more means of personalization and identification with the org. For example, we are currently planning on allowing means for players to change the base portrait of their agents, names, and certain other traits and aspects.