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We're holding a forum contest for Best Negative Ship Trait, Best Negative Facility Trait, and Best Negative Agent Trait!

Winners get a purple quality ship, facility, or agent with their winning negative trait (tweaked as necessary to work with the game mechanics, of course.)

Example existing negative traits:

  • Mercenary Crew Costs Solars every time ship is used in a task...but tasks that generate Solars generate 10% more such
  • Uncalibrated Engines +10% task duration


  • Unsafe Working Conditions Costs additional Medical Supplies every time use facility in a task
  • Nepotism -10% earned Influence on tasks that earn Influence


  • Sociopath -30% earned Reputation on tasks that earn Reputation...but also +10% Political Influence on tasks that earn Political Influence
  • Pretentious Costs Consumer Goods every time agent is used in a task, and -10% earned Reputation on tasks that earn Reputation

Sample Numerics:

  • Influence (Commercial, Cultural, Military, Political, Research)
  • Data (Commercial, Cultural, Military, Political, Research)
  • Solars (money)
  • Prisoners
  • Colonists
  • Recruits
  • Troops (Personnel Drones, Mercenaries, Paramilitary Forces, Soldiers)
  • Stolen Personal Data
  • Consumer Goods
  • Medical Goods
  • Nutrient Products
  • Munitions
  • Narcotics
  • Unprocessed Raw Materials (Carbonates, Silicates, Hydrocarbons, Metals, Fissile Materials)
  • Refined Materials (Carbonates, Silicates, Hydrocarbons, Metals, Fissile Materials)
  • Wetware
  • Helium-3
  • Ship and Facility Components (all kinds)
  • Fabricated Equipment (all kinds)
  • Theories (Advanced Memetic Theory, Economics Theory, Social Theory, Ethics Theory, Nationalism Theory, etc.)
  • Social Incitement
  • Reputation (for each polity)
  • ...or even come up with your own

Agent trait "Junky" - -10%

Agent trait "Junky" - -10% Narcotics

Facility trait "Sweat-shop" - -10% Goods Output

Ship trait "Manual Navigation" - +10% mission duration.

Heh. Took me a second, but

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Heh. Took me a second, but now I get it. The junky is skimming off the top, nice.

Ship trait "Wonky AI": +5%

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Ship Trait "Wonky AI" +5% critical success and +5% critical failure
Ship Trait "Aftermarket Modifications" 10% higher speed, 10% chance for malfunction (incurring longer downtime between tasks, like getting injured and having to go to sickbay in STO DOFF)
Ship Trait "Bad Shielding" Cosmic ray damage increased. +10% turn around time (TAT) after inner-system tasks, +5% TAT after outer system tasks.

Agent Trait "Off the Grid" will only perform tasks that take place in the asteroid belt or more distant orbits.
Agent Trait "Radiation Sensitive" Will only perform ground tasks. (or maybe call it the space equivalent term for agoraphobia)

Facility Trait "Black Market" +10% Solar cost for tasks, but -10% completion time.
Facility Trait "Pharma Test Center" Notice: Experimental treatments may be used on any patient. +5% chance to decrease agent recovery time, +10% chance to increase agent recovery time.

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Awesome. No limit to

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Awesome. No limit to submissions, btw.

I'm a big fan of things in

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I'm a big fan of things in games that give a pro and a con. Gamma World (RPG) had some great traits like that (if memory serves), as did Daggerfall (PC).

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I'll have to dig up Gamma

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I'll have to dig up Gamma World and see if there's any good scavenging material from that. Been forever since I played that; it was my first RPG.

We got it when we started to

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We got it when we started to branch out from D&D, and I loved the setting. I love anything set in ancient ruins. Sadly, my set didn't survive the 35ish year journey, though my Traveller stuff did make it. Org is giving me a bit of the old Traveller vibe.

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I'll just edit them into my

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I'll just edit them into my first post as I think of them.

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