Phobos Administrative District


  • ┬áPhobos (3,500 pop)


  • The United States of America established a major military base called "Laputa Station" on Phobos in 2145 as a method of exercising influence over affairs on Mars and as a stepping off point into the Asteroid Belt. When the polity of State was formed out of the ashes of the United States, State inherited control of Phobos.
  • Artificial spin was induced on Phobos to create a semblance of gravity in the latter part of the 23rd century.
  • Although considerable influence over Martian colonization continued throughout the 23rd century, local unrest over excessive State requirements and resource stripping led to a series of unsuccessful political maneuvers and rebellions with the aim of freeing Mars from State control.
  • By the late 24th century, the corporate precursor to what would become the Mars Republic - the Mars Corporation - began to tilt politically in favor of Union, isolating State.
  • In 2401, the dominant corporate oligarchs on Mars nationalized themselves into the nascent Mars Republic as a means of attempting to bypass the by this time loathed State interference. The timing was perfectly executed, as in 2401 State was in the fifth year of an economic depression, and State's citizens would not accept military methods of reasserting State control over Mars.
  • When the Martian Civil War broke out in 2465, State immediately saw the benefit, offering its aid to the beleaguered new Free State of Mars in return for its "friendship". With few options, and, in fact, genuinely grateful for the aid, the Free State of Mars eagerly accepted State's military, economic, and political patronship.

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates (mostly in order to increase usable space rather than for economic benefit)
    • Silicates (mostly in order to increase usable space rather than for economic benefit)
  • Military base operations
  • Diplomatic station


  • The Phobos Administrative District is, in truth, less a true district and more a massive military base honeycombing the entire moon. As State's farthest flung outpost, Phobos is a critical piece of State's strategy to stymie its rivals in the form of Union and the Eastern Federation.
  • As a patron of the nascent Free State of Mars, Phobos is the lifeline through which supplies and personnel are shuttled onto and off the planet. While State has not gone so far as to declare war on the Mars Republic, it has been supplying the Free State of Mars with not only ground supplies, but also a healthy supply of frigates and military trainers.
  • Phobos is also the stepping off point to the outer worlds, and given State's support of the Commonwealth of Callisto around Jupiter, Phobos is also the primary funnel through which military aid pours to that polity as well.


  • Although nominally a political district, the Phobos Administrative District governor is also the military officer in charge of the military command of the military base. Further, as the entire moon is itself a military base, no civilians not connected with the military apparatus are permitted on the moon.
  • Phobos maintains a diplomatic station for the benefit of both the Free State of Mars and the Commonwealth of Callisto.
  • With Union in firm support of the Mars Republic, the situation on Mars is very tense, as while neither Union nor State want open war, neither is willing to cede support of their favored factions on the planet below, either.