Dev Diary #2 - Basic Game Mechanics

ORG is fundamentally a game of logistics and management.

Players each administers an organization that controls sets of ships, agents, and facilities with which they influence the solar system in one or more - as the player chooses - categories.

  • Commercial - The economy of mining, refining, and utilization of resources and raw materials to the end of producing valuable goods, ships and facilities either for your own use or for sale to other states or orgs.
  • Cultural - The economy of ideas, influence, and society. Especially strong in recruiting and improving agents, but also in the creation of memeplexes that can modify and improve the performance of an org in many ways.
  • Military - The construction of naval and military resources and the exercise of said resources. This spans everything from military contracting of services and ships to acting as a privateer for various state polities.
  • Political - The leveraging of political power, playing state polities off of each other, gathering influence and reputation - and thus special access.
  • Research - The development of the new, involved in the production of advanced prototypes, archaeological expeditions, and research paths of dubious ethical standing.

Each category possesses its own game mechanics and its own feel - Commercial tasks are not structured at all the same way as Research tasks, and Cultural tasks do not function at all similarly to Military tasks.

Each category does, however, rely on other categories for their inputs or provide a market for their outputs, and players will find it necessary either to balance multiple categories or engage in trade with other players to accomplish the maximal amount of gain from their own endeavors.

Players assign ships, agents, and facilities - as well as other lesser resources - to a set number of tasks. Some tasks will take minutes, some days. Those tasks that take longer a player can simply log out for and return later, the task still running in the background waiting for the player to return. The player's choices when they set up the task will affect the likelihood of the task proving to be successful or a failure, rendering rewards or penalties as a consequence.

One of the consistent rewards from almost all tasks is Influence of the particular category for the region within which the task was carried out. For example, a mining task for carbonates on Europa might reward Commercial Influence on Europa. This influence may then itself be used as a currency in some cases, and is also used as a way of measuring the player's relative success against other orgs in that category and in that region, resulting in functional advantages to the player in that category and region.

Other rewards exist as well. A task that mines metals in the Eastern Federation on Earth will result in varying amounts of metal raw materials which may then be refined and utilized to build ships, facilities and other items. Other tasks recruit agents, create memeplexes, or engage in research in various areas.