•  Xena (400,000 pop)
  •  Gabrielle (300 pop)
  •  Gebel (30,000 pop)


  • Comparable in size to Pluto and about a quarter the mass of Earth's moon, the discovery of Xena caused a fundamental redefinition of what it meant to designate a body a "planet", with the result that Pluto was officially stripped of its planet status.
  • Informally called Xena, the world was formally designated Eris in 2006. When the world was ultimately settled, however, the colonists elected instead to revive their world's original name, Xena.
  • Xena's orbit is both highly eccentric and highly inclined, resulting in a world that sometimes seems a stray sheep to the Kuiper Belt's more conventional bodies.
  • As with many of the distant icy planetary bodies, internal heating via radioactive decay has resulted in a modestly-sized subterranean ocean of liquid water at the boundary line between the world's mantle and core.
  • Like Pluto, Xena's surface is covered with condensed methane ice, though its colder temperatures have resulted in its surface being greyer as opposed to Pluto's reddish color.
  • Unlike Pluto, Xena has a higher percentage of silicates and metals, resulting in a denser and higher gravity world than Pluto.
  • Xena's primary moon, Gabrielle (officially named Dysmonia, although as with Xena she recovered her natal name upon colonization).
  • Also under Xenan control is the deep red-colored dwarf planet known as Gebel (2007 OR10), along with a thin methane atmosphere. Gebel's orbit is roughly similar to Xena's, although their orbital periods are such that their actual alignment is rare.


  • Founded in the heady days of the colonization of the outer worlds, Xena was settled soon after Pluto. Unlike Pluto, however, Xena was settled without significant metanational influence, instead the result of a combined grant from the Oceanic League's "Great Diaspora" project and State in support of an association of scientists determined to create a haven for scientific knowledge and exploration.
  • Xena's hopes and euphoria of a scientific utopian ideal led to several unique political and cultural aspects. Similar to the Sedna All-Thing, Xena is an absolutist direct democracy, Xena's decision making system referred to as "The Xenan Concordance".
  • Unlike the Sedna All-Thing, however, the Concordance has no system of proxy voting, and indeed has aggressively outlawed numerous informal mechanisms to replicate such. The resulting political culture is a society devoted to the exercise of popular sentiment, media manipulation, powerful public relations conglomerates, and so-called "Kharis" (kah-REES), charismatic personalities that command followers eager to cast their votes in line with their heroes.
  • Despite a potent economic machine, the rapid and profound swings of policy have resulted in Xena being less effective as a unified state than its size and power would otherwise suggest. Even its entrance to the Kuiper Compact was a long and tortuous process, something well-reflected in the polity's current political relationships today.
  • One side effect of the Concordance's chaotic system of governance is that Xena has become a center for research into sociodynamics, psychology, and culture. Especially on Xena, research foundations are seen not merely as academic institutions but as engines for the development of practical sociological resources and methodologies. The continuous struggle for social opinion in the Concordance has resulted in a degree of memetic engineering expertise that has achieved considerable repute throughout the solar system; even the militaries of foreign polities have been known to enlist Xenan memeticists in the development of campaigns of incitement and subversion of enemy populations.

Primary Industries:

  • Carbonates
  • Silicates
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Metals
  • Water Ice
  • Broad-based, generalized economy, although possesses no functional native shipyard capacity.
  • Particularly heavy development of sociodynamic memetic and psychological engineering.


Politics and Culture:

  • Xena's initial colonization lacked a single geographic focus, although the largest proportion of its earliest scientific community came from Japan, Pacifica, New England, Peru, Argentina, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, and Scandinavia. As a result of its disparate cultural origins, a particularly-Xenan version of English became the lingua franca of the polity.
  • The national polity's symbol is derived from the world's first official name, Eris, the goddess of chaos, strife, and discord, and the goddess' infamous golden "Apple of Discord", an apt metaphor for Xena's fractious politics.
  • In the modern era, Xena is economically almost as much in the grip of metanationals as the inner worlds. Although metanationals and other orgs operate with great latitude, the nature of the Concordance is such that they must spend enormous sums to sway popular opinion to service their business requirements. Although the power of the bureaucracy waxes and wanes with Xena's political winds, where it comes to their bottom line the metanationals reap rich profits from Xena and its colonies.
  • Due to its varied array of resources, Xena has been able to develop a generalized economy that is well able to fulfill a majority of its own needs. This relative economic independence has resulted in a perhaps over-vaunted assessment of its own cultural and political superiority, and indeed, Xenans are frequently chided by even their friends as tending towards a certain arrogance.
  • Politically, Xena is subject to a combination of powerful influences ranging from subtle sociodynamical memetic worms to carefully orchestrated corporate public relation campaigns to the cults of personalities known as kharis (a word etymologically derived from the term "charismatics").
  • On Xena, media is king and technological communication its treasured handmaiden. Fashion and style are reflections of sophistication in both media and communication, and as such are prized as much for their form as any substance possessed by either.
  • At a cultural level, collaboration, grassroots organizational skills, rhetoric, and legal skill are the most highly valued societal virtues. Education is considered both a fundamental right and foundational responsibility, and both intelligence and social skills are prized.
  • Xena's military is riddled with organizational inefficiencies, but it does reflect the wealth of the Xenan polity. Lacking notable shipyards of its own but harnessing significant financial resources, Xena regularly contracts for and purchases military vessels, even up to and including a pair of mothballed inner world dreadnoughts renamed The Eris and The Dysmonia.