•  Haumea (100,000 pop)
    •  Hi'iaka (200 pop)
    •  Namaka (850 pop)


  • Only one-third the size of Pluto, Haumea is physically unique among the dwarf planets in that its shape is elongated with one axis being twice as long as the other.
  • With an extremely rapid natural rotation - probably from the result of previous planetary collision - this rotation has begun to be gradually exaggerated in order to give Haumea a semblance of gravity.
  • Although Haumea does possess a thin layer of ice, the bulk of its mass is tied up in silicates, particularly olivine and pyroxene, and metals. While as yet largely unexploited, it nevertheless offers a tantalizing economic bonanza for the colony, although political instability has meant this has remained untapped.
  • Due largely to its recent (in geological terms) collision, Haumea's surface is bright as snow, also making it one of the brightest objects of the Kuiper Belt.
  • Haumea possesses two tiny moons: Hi'iaka and Namaka. Neither are under its own jurisdiction, but are administrated by the Kuiper Compact. Hi'iaka is essentially a supply dump and administrative center for distributing aid to Haumea. Namaka maintains a tiny Kuiper Compact military presence and research station. While the foreign aid brought in from the Kuiper Compact is critically necessary to the survival of Haumea, the fact that Haumea does not even administer its own moons is a source of considerable humiliation.


  • The dwarf planet of Haumea is a reminder of the harsh realities facing colonists of the Outer Worlds. By the standards of the solar system a very young settlement, Haumea traces its formation as a polity to twenty years ago with what was essentially the largest prison break in human history.
  • The polities of Saturn have long used the moon Hyperion as a kind of Botany Bay for political enemies, malcontents, debtors, or undesirables of any sort. None of Saturn's polities with the exception of the Alliance are innocent of this practice, though each utilizes the moon as a jointly-managed prison to differing extents.
  • Conditions on Hyperion remain some of the worst in the solar system. The average lifespan of a newly transplanted "citizen" of Hyperion has always been appallingly bad - two years is average, though the constant influx of new "citizens" has kept the population healthy. While security forces technically hold sway, in reality it is ruthless gangs that run the colony.
  • Twenty years ago, with the help of external contacts and a sympathetic org based in the Kuiper Belt, twenty thousand of Hyperion's involuntary citizens escaped the prison by means of hijacking incoming prison barges, reprogramming them, and sending them out to the dwarf planet of Haumea in the Kuiper Belt, where aid workers from the Kuiper Compact had prepared a refugee settlement.
  • In the intervening years, a flood of additional refugees and escapees have joined the original settlers. The political situation is precariously fragile, with a large majority of Haumea's income being in the form of foreign aid, and most of the remainder from relatives, most often from the various polities of Saturn.
  • The resulting political and economic instability has bred a generation whose hatred of Saturn in particular and many of the major polities in general knows no bounds. With no military to speak of, radical elements on Haumea have taken to a campaign of asymmetrical warfare including commercial hijackings, kidnappings, bombing campaigns, sabotage, and assassination.

Primary Industries:

  • Carbonates
  • Silicates
  • Metals (mostly untapped potential)
  • Scavenging and opportunistic piracy
  • Considerable foreign aid
  • No ship construction capability exists


  • The bitterness towards Saturn's polities and many others including those of Mars, Jupiter, even the Alliance and the Democratic Republic of Triton has resulted in a powerful radical movement engaging in asymmetrical warfare throughout the outer worlds of the solar system. Hijackings, bombings, kidnappings, and sabotage are all increasingly common.
  • Despite the official Haumean authorities' denials of culpability and pointing at "fringe elements", although aid organizations frequently target Haumea for support, political and military aid are much less common as many of the populations of the solar system consider Haumea to be a massive terrorist operation. Only the presence of an undeniably massive population of innocent refugees and the patient support of the Kuiper Compact have kept Haumea from suffering more severe repercussions from the actions of its citizens.
  • The Kuiper Compact has been attempting to nurture Haumea into a productive polity. To be sure, some of this is out of genuine altruism, but it is also partially out of a desire to moderate the fringe elements in their own backyard, and possibly even someday to welcome Haumea into the Kuiper Compact to expand that polity's breadth and influence. The problems inherent in this program are not lost on the member states and populations of the Kuiper Compact, however, and there is considerable internal debate in the Kuiper Compact as to what the future course of action should be.

Politics and Culture:

  • The initial population of Haumea came directly from Hyperion around Saturn, but since then it has become a popular refugee haven from other conflicts and other regions.
  • The native Haumean political authority is split between the genuine altruists and a cadre of corrupt bureaucrats who have made an art form out of fleecing the various aid and relief operations conducted for the benefit of the general population.
  • In actuality, much of the political power on Haumea rests with the heads of extended "families". The Families began as matters of genetic kinship, but today operate as adoptive clans, with rival Families aggressively recruiting likely refugees and relations into their number. The Families themselves conduct an array of operations - some legitimate, some less so. While not all of the Families are criminal to their core, most at the very least dabble in scavenging and minor piracy, if not outright acts of sabotage and kidnapping throughout the Outer Worlds.
  • What binds Haumeans together is their hatred of those wealthy polities whom they feel have abused them. Some of this sentiment is fair, especially that levied against the polities of Saturn, but the hate has expanded into a general contempt for almost all of the major polities of the Outer Worlds. Even their primary benefactors, the Kuiper Compact, is not immune from this, and many Haumeans take pride in fleecing or exploiting relief orgs servicing Haumea.
  • Above all, loyalty and cleverness is prized. While Haumeans do recognize a code of conduct among themselves, they do not, as a rule, feel that this applies to non-Haumeans. Taking advantage of an outsider is seen as a mark of honor and a distinction, and a sure way to rise higher in the hierarchy of one's Family.
  • Haumea is home to a wide array of languages, with three in particular sharing official status: Japanese, English, and Spanish.