Exalted Sanctuary of the Triforce Supremacy


  •  Nysian Cluster (18,000 pop)

Subsidiary Colonies:

  •   Nysa (13,000 pop)
  •   Hertha Mining Station (750 pop)
  •   Polana Colony (3,250 pop)
  •   Catcheller Colony (500 pop)


  • A rare class E asteroid in a conical, ellipsoidal shape, Nysa itself is the largest of the bodies in the cluster that bears its name at approximately 113km by 65km in size.
  • As with many of the microgravity environments in the solar system, Nysa has an artificially induced spin to simulate Earth-normal gravity. Unlike most such systems, the Nysian system utilizes a set of ion kick thrusters for this purpose/
  • Although fundamentally a mining colony, Nysa's habitation areas have been steadily expanded over the decades since colonization to include extensive agricultural regions in addition to areas intended for human habitation.
  • The Nysian Cluster is divided into two subgroups of asteroids, each bearing different mineralogical profiles. Still, the overall economic value of the cluster is limited, resulting in a poor standard of living for the majority of its inhabitants.
  • Culturally and politically, the Triforce Supremacy is an authoritarian theocracy with roots in both neo-dominionist apostolicism and radical humanic eco-political theory. The result of which is an ideologically rigid culture married to a highly centralized, authoritarian political system.
  • Travel into and out of the colonies of the Triforce Supremacy is tightly controlled, with expensively bonded go-betweens the primary method of trade. The vast majority of residents of the cluster are never permitted to travel outside the cluster under any circumstance.


  • By 2290 humanity's expansion into and exploitation of the solar system was well underway. A mix of powerful national polities and multinational corporations that were often de facto laws unto themselves had sponsored colonies and outposts on dozens of worlds throughout the system. The largesse of this expansion, however, was not evenly felt, and among the dispossessed and disenfranchised grew a number of eccentric and at times bizarre ideological and religious movements.
  • One of the largest - and certainly oddest - of these neo-religious movements was that of the Triforce Supremacy, by 2290 itself firmly established under the leadership of Dr. Naomi Butler, a doctor of philosophy of the University of Santa Cruz of the regional polity of Pacifica on Earth.
  • In 2290, Dr. Butler chartered a colonial effort to the Asteroid Belt with the intent of setting up an independent colony free of the political requirements of any government on Earth. Purchasing a moribund mining colony on the asteroid Nysa, her followers became miners first and a self-declared free state the day after, and the Exalted Sanctuary of the Triforce Supremacy was thusly born.
  • Although the Triforce Supremacy has a small absolute population base, compared to the economic value of its constituent colonies its population base is sufficiently large as to be not be worth the effort to dominate by outside force. This is, in fact, not an accident of history, but rather the result of a deliberate decision by Butler at the time of the colony's inception.
  • The population of the Nysian Cluster has grown slowly over the years, but it has grown, leading eventually to the establishment of two other small colonies in addition to an operational mining station.
  • In recent years, raids by pirates operating out of Concordia have become more common; as the cluster's economic base has slowly grown, it has begun to attract the attention of those seeking to profit off of its gains.

Primary Industries:

  • Carbonates
  • Silicates
  • Metals (very limited)
  • Weak general economy hamstrung by restricted trade and other ties outside the Nysian Cluster
  • Surprisingly robust widespread homegrown manufacturing capabilities


  • Relations with the various polities of the Asteroid Belt are complicated by the fact that no other polity recognizes the Exalted Sanctuary's claim to political independence, and in fact, legally most polities consider the Exalted Sanctuary to be under the jurisdiction of the Independent Republic of Ceres, although Ceres has thus far not chosen to press that claim.
  • The Artificial Intelligence-friendly polity of the Collaborated Union of the Hildas Triangle is - for obvious philosophical reasons - adamantly opposed to the Exalted Sanctuary of the Triforce Supremacy, considering it to be illegally settled.
  • Increasing numbers of raids by pirates operating out of Concordia have forced the Triforce Supremacy to devote more of its resources towards the purchase and maintenance of a small fleet of patrol frigates.
  • Promising Nysian geneticists in particular are known to enroll in programs run on Europa at considerable financial cost to of the Triforce Supremacy. This area of study is of great interest to the leadership of the Nysian Cluster, however, and as such has been a focus of its efforts. The heavy enrollment in Europan programs has come at a cost, however, as those polities hostile to Europa are thus even less inclined to be friendly to the Triforce Supremacy.
  • Most of the solar system considers the Triforce Supremacy to be a system-wide embarrassment, with the common joke being variations of: "I assumed the Sanctuary had died off years ago."
  • Internal tension has been on the slow rise as smuggled data from outside the Nysian Cluster has clearly shown the general populace that their destitute surroundings are the exception in the solar system rather than the rule. Claims of spiritual purity have thus far served to quell most dissent, but periodic outbursts are far from unknown.

Politics and Culture:

  • The core beliefs of the Triforce Supremacy center around a humanic approach to technological development eschewing the breathtaking developments of Artificial Intelligence and even, where possible, advanced computer systems at all. Rejecting all but the most basic computer systems, the Triforce Supremacy adapted by developing an extremely sophisticated school of mechanical engineering that while lacking in the response times afforded by modern computer systems maintained a robustness and reliability that was rarely matched throughout the solar system. Even today, while the beliefs of the Triforce Supremacy are the butt of jokes throughout the solar system, mechanical engineers from the Nysian Cluster are respected, if considered exceedingly strange.
  • Politically, the Triforce Supremacy is nominally headed by a Supra who has absolute veto authority over the decisions of three separate committees:
    • The Cultural Committee is responsible for cultural and doctrinal purity. It further serves as a high court for most decisions.
    • The Economic Committee is responsible for the mining operations and limited outside trade.
    • The Sustainability Committee maintains the life support systems and administrates the day-to-day life of the citizens of the Nysian Cluster.
  • A special Security Committee reports directly to the Supra, and operates as both an internal security police and external naval patrol officership. Cadre operate in teams of three officers on internal security teams or three patrol frigates as a further guard against doctrinally impurity.
  • The overall standard of living in the Nysian Cluster is extremely low, comparable to that of Eunomia or even Haumea. The key difference from those states being that specific governmental operatives possess a significantly more comfortable standard, a reward for their loyalty and ideological fervor.
  • Smuggling of data and people into and off of Nysa is expensive and risky, but common. While the majority of the populace is firmly loyal to the ideals of the Triforce Supremacy, a significant minority are restless.
  • Ideological and theological purity are the key values of those who live among the various colonies of the Nysian Cluster. In addition to laws that carefully circumscribe not only correct behavior but correct thought, social pressure to conform to said standards is frequently overwhelming. While dissent exists, it exhibits mostly in the desire of individuals to leave the cluster, or at least to experience the fruits of data and other contraband smuggled into the cluster.
  • Aside from the security services and the various committee positions, the most highly respected profession is that of the mechanical engineer. Lacking the benefits of Artificial Intelligence units, the engineers of the cluster have had to develop ingenuous alternative systems for such diverse needs as life support, mining, and even naval operations. Human agent interfaces are heavily utilized in the form of extremely specialized sub-professions that are so highly specialized that their ability to operate outside the strict parameters of their own job are generally negligible.
  • Theologically, what is considered sacred is the supremacy of the trinity of the human mind, body, and soul in contrast to the soulless and often bodiless artificial intelligence systems, called "Abominations" by Nysians. Human personal development is in theory prized, although in practice only a very narrow politically-connected elite are able to access this developmental potential.