Orbit Polities:

  •  Venusian Republic (region is based on mining claims of particular floating cities; humans do not live on the ground)
    • Ishtar Terra (1,100,000 pop)
    • Aphrodite Terra (850,000 pop)
    • Lada Terra (450,000 pop)

Primary Industries:

  • Massive amounts of carbon dioxide in atmosphere:
    • Carbonates
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Manufacturing that utilizes Carbonates and Hydrocarbons
  • Some limited mining on surface:
    • Fissiles
    • Silicates (rare)
    • Metals (rare)


  • Terraforming enterprises are discussed, but there is actually a lot of opposition to this with some political factions arguing that the cloud cities are indefinitely sustainable, and any transition from cloud cities to the ground would be problematic.
    • Terraforming technologies involve graphene sheets and carbon nanotubes built from atmospheric elements.
    • Gengineered bacteria to fix carbon into organic forms are used by the floating cities, and could also be a part of terraforming efforts.
  • In fact, “too many” cloud cities could actually be used as the first stage of terraforming, so immigration and population control are fiercely contested political subjects as well.
  • The Venusian Republic is independent, but is in associative agreements with Union on Earth, and is a reliable ally of such.
  • The Eastern Federation’s control of Mercury makes Venus the next logical acquisition for an expansionist Eastern Federation. Open war is unlikely at this point due to the Venusian Republic’s tight political relationship with Union, but this does not prevent the Eastern Federation attempting to “Finlandize” Venus to bring it under its sphere of influence. This includes commercial pressure tactics, hiring of independent commercial raiders and saboteurs, and so on.
  • Although Mercury and Venus are politically hostile to each other, in terms of raw materials they are extremely compatible. This results in an absolutely massive amount of off-the-books smuggling conducted by regional governments trying to make up shortfalls with inadequate resources or trade; this is an open secret, but never openly acknowledged for political reasons.
  • Due to the catastrophe known as "The Fall of the Cities" (see Venusian Republic for the full history) there lingers a deep-seated hatred of the Eastern Federation among the traditional elements on Venus.

Venusian Republic

Special Notes:

  • Cloud cities (“aerostat habitats”) - there is very limited robotic mining on the surface, but all human population is in floating cities. A simple balloon of human breathable air sustains not only itself, but can comfortably support other structures.
    • 50 km above surface.
    • Pressure of 1 bar
    • Temperatures in 0-50 C range.
    • A breathable-air balloon has no appreciable difference in inside/outside pressure, meaning rips would not result in explosive decompression.
    • No pressurized suits are necessary, just air and protection from acid rain.
    • Wind speed there is about 212 mph that circle planet every four Earth days, so would actually be unfettered and just move with winds.
    • Cloud cities named after terrestrial mining claims
    • Atmospheric winds are very, very fast - up to 300 km/h.
    • Clouds stifling with sulfuric acid.
    • Extensive lightning in atmosphere has been harnessed as a power source.
    • The surface atmosphere so dense it would be like walking through soup - x90 greater than on Earth.
    • The surface temperature averages 842 F, higher than the melting point of lead.
    • No magnetic field, so explicit radiation and cosmic ray safeguards are utilized.
    • The Venusian year is about as long as its day.