Orbit Polities:

Primary Industries:

  • Helium-3 (nuclear fusion energy), but buried quite deep.
  • Extremely high concentrations of Iron and Magnesium Silicates:
    • Silicates
    • Metals
    • Manufacturing that uses Silicates and Metals
  • Some minimal harvesting of exosphere oxygen and hydrogen occurs


  • Labor disputes and periodic unrest.
  • The Eastern Federation has expansive mining operations on Mercury; a significant proportion of the population is dragooned labor of various types, including debtors and prisoners (often, but not always, political).

Special Notes:

  • 3 Mercury Days = 2 Mercury Years
  • Ice in both polar regions. Colonization is focused in these regions due to more stable temperature fluctuation.
  • Very similar in composition to Earth's moon, though twice the mass, so closer to Mars' gravity.
  • Almost identical in size with Jupiter's Ganymede.