Unrecognized Polities

The polities listed here have little (or no) influence past their own world, and certainly not past their own orbit. Far and away the most numerous of the polities in this category are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter:

  • Eoan Cluster (commercial zero-G pharmaceutical research station)
  •  Eunomian Cluster (several times has attempted to pull together into a proto-state, but every time for the last forty years it has eventually collapsed again into anarchy)
  • Hygiean Cluster (independent with corporate sponsorship, but unrecognized by any major national polity; popular with corporations seeking an "off the books" location to do questionable research)
  • Marian Cluster (controlled by a collection of independent mining operators)
  •  Nysian Cluster (holy temple of the Exalted Sanctuary of the Triforce Supremacy, an extreme isolationist religious sect)
  •  Concordia (pirate safe-harbor; there has been occasional talk of cleansing Concordia, but pirates rarely attack the commercial interests of tine Inner World polities, and the polities of the Asteroid Belt lack the military force to convincingly accomplish such a military operation)
  • The Veritas Family (controlled by a collection of independent mining operators)

There are a couple of others that have shared jurisdiction or other arrangements:

  • Antarctica (commercial and research operations jointly administered by various Earth polities)
  • Hyperion (jointly administered by Saturn’s polities as a Botany Bay-like prison moon for political exiles or other undesirables)