The Europan Consortium


  •  Europa (550,000 pop)
  •  Amalthea (20,000 pop)


  • Outer icy crust (disconnected from planet’s mantle, rotates separately)
  • Linae (dark streaks crisscrossing the globe, cracks as a result of expansion from internal pressures from warm ice)
  • Lenticulae (domes, pits and dark spots, e.g. “Conamara Chaos”, above subterranean lakes)
  • Subsurface lakes
  • Subsurface ocean (“The Great Ocean”, salty, x2 the volume of Earth’s oceans)
  • Europan cities cling to the bottom of the subsurface ocean or within the lakes. An entire class of submersibles is extensively utilized.

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates
    • Silicates (uncommon)
    • Hydrocarbons
  • Photosynthetic devices
  • Janissary program
    • The Consortium's janissary program involves the creation, training, and selling the services of what are de facto slave-soldiers.
    • Janissaries are highly genetically-engineered humans who from birth are subjected to intense military training. It should be noted they are not clones and do, in fact, have nominal Consortium citizenship, although they are all bound to contracts that exceed the length of any expected lifespan.
    • These "slave-soldiers", as more progressive individuals often refer to them, are in fact capable, intelligent, and possessing of considerable initiative. They are sometimes even rented out for non-military purposes to provide unbiased judges or security personnel.
    • While genetic engineering has become common, the Consortium's janissary program is considered by many to be crossing the lines of ethical human genetics. Regardless, their usefulness is undeniable, and the Consortium finds a ready market for their services which further fuels the Consortium's research machine.


  • Europa is a tightly-controlled, highly secretive corporate world. She is not particularly interested in politics for the sake of politics, but seeks customers.
  • Because of her reputation for unorthodox and morally questionable lines of research, however, a number of polities around the solar system are decidedly uncomfortable with Europa:
  • Europan services and “products” are used throughout the solar system, but its closest open trading partners are:
  • Europa is blessed with water and reasonable amounts of hydrocarbons and silicates, but has a severe lack of access to metals. Given its diplomatic challenges with the other great Jovian powers, the Europan Consortium's primary source of metal is from the Mars Republic.
  • In the Jupiter system, Europa is at odds with Io because of frequent “unauthorized” raiding from the Ionian Combine. Europa has frigid relations with the Commonwealth of Callisto, who disapproves of Europan lack of transparency and research methods.
  • Haumea bears a hatred of Europa for the simple fact that it is a Jovian world, and thus tarred with the brush of corporate indifference that led to the Haumean population's de-settlement from the Saturn system.
  • Europa is similarly at odds with the Free State of Mars for the simple reason that the Mars Republic is one of Europa’s best customers.

Politics and Culture:

  • Like Io, Europa originated as a corporate state based on a research consortium. The modern result of this is a two-layer system of government:
    • The Europan Consortium rigidly controls the trans-crust traffic and acts as the official intermediary for all other corporate interests. Much as with the situation with companies seeking to expand into China in 2013, corporations or other orgs seeking to do business on Europa must do so in partnership with the elements within the Europan Consortium.
    • Culturally, however, within the Great Ocean there is a tremendous amount of freedom - most especially the freedom to starve. Europan society is bound by contractual law including an extensive system of personal and familial corporate-like entities, but where there is no contract, there will also be no sympathy.
  • The Europan term for this two-layer system is, “Rigid without, flexible within”, which is also their unofficial motto.
  • There are many rumors of a “Hidden Colony” that is not associated with the Consortium that lies deep within the Great Ocean.
  • Europa maintains a research station on the red inner moon Amalthea.
  • Europans are generally private, insular and clannish.