The Sovereign Republic of Ganymede


  •  Ganymede (900,000 pop)
  •  Thebe (94,000 pop)
  •  Himalia (72,000 pop)
  •  Koronian Cluster (340 pop)
  •  Martian Trojan Belt (1,200 pop)


  • On the edges of Jupiter’s radiation belt, requiring only minimal shielding.
  • Second Jovian moon colonized.
  • Largest moon in Jovian system.
  • Approximate population of 900,000
  • Tidally locked to Jupiter.
  • Composition is a mix of rock and ice (so not at all like Europa or Triton)
  • Salty, slushy subterranean ocean a little bit like Europa’s, but not practical to access since crust is not pure ice. About 200 km down.
  • Only moon to possess a magnetosphere (albeit a very weak one)


  • Laplas Terminal (capital)
  • Anzu
  • Gilgamesh Station

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates
    • Silicates
    • Metals (uncommon)
  • Powerful, general economy hampered only by lack of good sources of fuel. As Io is the main source of the fissiles necessary for military ships and Ganymede is hostile to the Ionian Combine, Ganymede has been forced to cultivate a strong commercial relationship with the Republic of Titan.
  • Extensive shipyards.


  • Ganymede’s primary conflict is a state of open war with the Commonwealth of Callisto. The war is fairly balanced, with Callisto having the industrial advantage but Ganymede having superior military technology.
  • Io is also regarded as a target of opportunity; if Ganymede were ever to succeed decisively in its war against Callisto there is no question Io would be targeted next.
  • Due to Ganymede’s strong central authoritarian government, polities less comfortable with authoritarianism maintain chilly relations with Ganymede and in many cases have been known to support subversive activities against Ganymede:
    • State (Earth)
    • Union (Earth)
    • Ceres (Asteroid Belt)
    • The Hildas Triangle (Asteroid Belt)
    • Dione (Saturn)
  • The Eastern Federation and Ganymede have a particularly good relationship, and mutually consider each other allies in most matters.
  • Ganymede has been providing active military support to the Republic of Titan and the Rhean Divisional Authority against Alliance in an attempt to court them as long-term allies. Titan and Rhea have cautiously accepted the aid, but in no way trust Ganymede’s motives; Titan is a critical source of fissiles.
  • Ganymede also occasionally suffers from terrorism by certain extremist factions from Haumea.

Politics and Culture:

  • Ganymede is nominally a republic, but in reality its levers of power are so entrenched and enmeshed with an array of corporate commercial interests that it is effectively authoritarian.
  • The authoritarianism of Ganymede is not ideological but practical. The Ganymede ethos holds simply that, “The one who is able to hold power, deserves it”.
  • Ganymede culture is one of self-reliance, endurance and toughness; there is a strong, almost Calvinistic cultural current of, “If you can’t survive on your own, you don’t deserve to survive at all”. Living in the outer Solar System does not allow for much of any kind of a safety net, and Ganymede culture asserts that a safety net simply serves to pull everyone else down.