San Diego Comic-Con 2014

I will be at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 in late July in a generally unofficial capacity, but would be happy to field a Q&A and general chat over lunch one of the days if there is any interest.

Obviously, I am most interested in talking about Org, but to the degree that I can I would be happy to talk Marvel Heroes, Star Trek Online, or exchange zombie haiku.

Kidding about the zombie haiku. (Actually not kidding...)

Let me know what days there's interest for either on this thread or messaged to me so I can gauge interest and such.

Heard from a couple of people

Heard from a couple of people, and hope to hear from more still.

A number of us on the team will be down there. With swag.

I'd love to go, but I'm

I'd love to go, but I'm saving my Convention travel for GenCon next month. If you ever do a Bay Area get together, I'd be there.