Eastern Federation Belt Authority


  • ┬áThemistian Cluster (500 pop)
  • ┬áThe Cybele Group (13,000 pop)


  • The Eastern Federation established a research station in the Themistian Cluster in 2228.
  • The Eastern Federation established a military base in the Cybele Group in 2231.
  • A raid by privateers operating out of the asteroid of Ida in 2315 briefly seized the research station in the Themistian Cluster, resulting in a major push by the Eastern Federation to ensure that nothing similar would happen again, resulting in a proposed Ten Year Plan.
  • The construction of extensive military naval yards began in 2319.
  • In 2324 - one year before the Ten Year Plan was scheduled for completion - a new class of Eastern Federation destroyer fired four nuclear warheads into the asteroid of Ida, completely obliterating the asteroid. The message was heard, and privateer and piratical interests in the Asteroid Belt have since steered clear of Eastern Federation interests.

Primary Industries:

  • Major industry includes:
    • Carbonates
    • Silicates
  • Research
  • Naval shipyards
  • Military base operations


  • The Eastern Federation Belt Authority has a considerably smaller population to deal with than its sister the Eastern Federation Mercury Authority, and the residents are thus able to be far more thoroughly vetted. Labor disputes are unheard of, and postings to this region are considered to be an opportunity for field experience and thus advancement.
  • The naval yards in the Cybele Group produce 30% of the Eastern Federation's annual new tonnage in military naval vessels, and thus represent a pivotal part of the Eastern Federation's longterm military and political footing.
  • In particular, military support to the Sovereign Republic of Ganymede in its ongoing conflict with the Commonwealth of Callisto is funneled through the Eastern Federation Belt Authority.


  • The administrative center of the Eastern Federation Belt Authority is located on Cybele, one of the larger asteroids in the Asteroid Belt at around 250 km across.
  • Despite that the significant proportion of the Eastern Federation's naval forces are stationed in the region, the Eastern Federation is not particularly interested in expanding its influence with the Asteroid Belt, instead seeing its possessions as a critical linkage in expanding its reach into the outer worlds of the solar system.