The Collaborated Union of the Hildas Triangle


  • ¬†Hildas Triangle (250,000 pop)


  • The asteroids of the Hilda Triangle are a dynamical group of asteroids in a 3:2 orbital resonance with Jupiter.
    • Hildas orbit such that their aphelia, that is, their farthest point from the Sun, puts them opposite Jupiter.
    • Taken as a whole, the Hildas Triangle constitutes a dynamic triangular figure in the triangular libration points of Jupiter - the "Hildas Triangle".
    • Over three sequential orbits each Hilda asteroid passes through all of these three points in sequence. At any particular moment, however, the Hildas together constitute this triangular configuration, and all the orbits together form a quite predictable ring.
  • The large astroid that gives its name to the Triangle, Hilda, has a diameter of about 175 km, or about a fifth the size of Ceres.
  • Unlike most named clusters or families of asteroids, the Hildas Triangle is defined by its peculiar common orbital feature (that is, the "Triangle" formed by their collective orbital behavior) rather than having a common source. As such, whereas the Triangle's namesake is a Class C asteroid - meaning it is made up primarily of primitive carbonaceous materials - the same cannot be said for the other astroids in the Triangle. This actually provides the Hildas Triangle as a political entity an advantage in that is possesses a wider variety of materials than is common.

Primary Industries:

  • Carbonates
  • Silicates
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Metals
  • Minor general manufacturing capabilities.
  • Highly developed A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) development production.


  • Colonized later than Ceres, the Hildas Triangle shares a common origin with Ceres in that both were settled predominantly by corporations based out of the powerful polity of Union on Earth.
  • Fairly early on in its colonization, the settlers recognized the need for cooperation, forming in time a loose trade association that in time gained an added-on military and common diplomatic component and became known as The Collaborated Union of the Hildas Triangle, the name by which it is known today.
  • Due to the scattered nature of the Hildas Triangle's constituent asteroids, it has from the beginning suffered from severe shortages in labor. As a result of this, the Hildas Triangle invested early and aggressively in the development and production of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) entities, even going so far as to give such creations almost full legal equality and recognition with humans. To the Hildas Triangle, the issue was less of control and more of simply providing an adequate labor pool.
  • The Hildas Triangle has become the de facto champion of A.I. rights in the solar system, a position that has put it at odds with many other governments and orgs who benefit from treating A.I. as useful tools. Moreover, there is deep suspicion in many parts that the Hildas Triangle is increasingly serving as a haven for renegade A.I. entities.


  • The Hildas Triangle maintains close political and economic ties with both Union and the Oceanic League, although it is beholden to neither, and in fact differs substantially with Union on certain political matters such as the Martian Civil War.
  • Given its lack of explicit subjugation to any of the dominant powers of the solar system, the Hildas Triangle is particularly vulnerable to piracy based out of Concordia, Eunomia, and other areas of operation throughout the Belt popular to pirates.
  • Generally, the Hildas Triangle allies itself with the Vesta Compact, mostly due to the fact that the Independent Republic of Ceres sees itself as the logical center of economic and political power in the Belt and considers the Hildas Triangle to be an upstart.
  • Due to the xenophobic attitude towards Artificial Intelligences by the Exalted Sanctuary of the Triforce Supremacy, the Hildas Triangle is violently opposed to that pseudo-political entity and sees to undermine it wherever possible short of open war. The attitude is, of course, returned, and although neither really has the capacity for a determined military conflict, it cannot be ruled out as a possibility in the future.

Politics and Culture:

  • Economically potent, militarily vulnerable, threatened by piracy and under regular intimidation from the Independent Republic of Ceres, the Hildas Triangle has - as much as possible - enshrined neutrality as cardinal virtue to protect its existence. The Collaborated Union is jokingly (and with no small measure of irritation) by Union "The Switzerland of the Belt".
  • Because of the distributed nature of the Triangle, the Collaborated Union maintains a loose, almost cellular organization with no central capital. Instead, each asteroid maintains a distributed capability for all Collaborated Union political, voting, and military functions. Such is the degree of sophistication of the system that any breach of communication between different asteroids of the Triangle would simply cause any isolated portions to continue functioning with whatever members they were still in contact with.
  • Laws in the Collaborated Union are basic and based primarily on personal restitution rather than prison systems and court systems, although contrary to popular belief outside the Triangle, such do in fact exist, albeit in very minimal forms.
  • The Collaborated Union is most famous for its development, propagation, and extension of civil rights to A.I. entities.
    • Currently far and away the leader in such development, a plurality of all A.I. manufactured in the solar system now comes from labs in the Triangle, although export rules and mandated civil protections mean that many polities and orgs refuse to use Collaborated Union A.I., even when such are generally more advanced than those produced elsewhere in the solar system.
    • While A.I. are extensively used in facilities, research, and other purposes, their most visible role in the solar system lies in their military deployment as mainline pilots of destroyer-class battleships. By 25th century convention, "destroyers" are by definition constructed solely in mind to be "manned" by A.I., typically three redundant A.I. who "vote" on any course of action or interpretation of orders from whatever their own central command is. A similar system exists for smaller drone fighters, although these generally only utilize a single non-redundant A.I.
    • While the Hildas Triangle produces the largest number of advanced A.I., it does not have the manufacturing capability to build battleships, although it does export A.I. for this use to some other polities and orgs.
    • The Collaborated Union is currently the only polity to extend equal protection and full rights of self-determination to A.I. entities, although the issue has been a rising one in a number of other polities throughout the solar system.
  • No single language language is dominant in the Collaborated Union, and despite the availability of translation devices, there has developed a kind of Lingua Franca called Hilde based on a highly regularized form of English using an essentially Esperanto grammatical structure with considerable amounts of vocabulary drawn from German, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. Notably, Hilde is actually quite common outside the Triangle, particularly among spacers and those with an unsettled lifestyle.
  • Culturally, the Triangle may have its origins in Union on Earth, but it has since largely charted its own course, favoring a much looser, less formal societal structure than its parent. That being said, the necessity of cooperation and the dangers of living in small, highly isolated asteroid colonies means that anything that threatens the safety of a collective colony as a whole is treated with instant and unforgiving justice - summary spacing by instant vote being the preferred method of "discipline".
  • While the Collaborated Union strives towards scrupulous neutrality wherever possible, the one area where it throws all of that out the airlock is in regards to A.I. rights and sanctuary. This last concept of political sanctuary for renegade A.I. from outside the Triangle has caused the Collaborated Union occasional problems and political conflicts, though thus far this has been more of a constant irritation to other governments than a primary policy issue.
  • Listed population numbers of the Collaborated Union derived from Collaborated Union sources include A.I. in those population numbers. Thus, the listed number of 250,000 citizens includes A.I.; the human population alone is closer to 72,000.